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Jeffrey's Stage IV 2 year survival Birthday


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It was a normal day and that is the most wonderful thing of all. We never expected to have normal days again. Jeff has been cancer free since the cyberknife of his lung tumor last January. He is scheduled for a PET scan this week but we have no reason to afraid. He had surgical abridement of necrosis in his brain (from gammaknife) in early December and that has solved his seizure problems. Other than that, life goes on and everyday that daily, nagging fear that you all know is a little less present. Jeff still goes to work everyday, we still see our friends and go to dinner now and then and we still have our lttle battles. The biggest difference in our lives today is the appreciation of NORMAL. We know we won the cancer lottery and we vow not to squander the time we have. Even if I can't post as much I still try to help anyone who needs it. We must continue to battle the cancer demons together (including the doctors who won't treat Stage IV aggressively) wherever we may find them.

Trish (survivors' wife)

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Hi Trish,

Happy two year survival birthday! I'm so glad you posted this update, and I am REALLY glad that you and Jeff have NORMAL again. This is really wonderful news.

It's funny how a diagnosis of cancer makes us long for normal when perhaps we used to equate normal with things like boring (I know I did). How I love normal now.

Wishing you and Jeff a very happy, long and normal life.


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Trish and Jeff - congratulation on two years! I love your statement about finding doctors who want to treat stage IV aggressively. It seems awfully hard to pull them away from "what statistics say" and push them onto the "making it better". You guys show that positivity and hope are important.


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