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A year ago today........


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It was my mom's funeral. I am re-living that moment like it was yesterday. It was the last time I saw her. She didn't look like her at all. It's amazing how the soul gives you life it makes you beautiful from within out like my mom was. Tomorrow we will have a memory mass for her. My dad was so cute it put it in the paper with her picture. It so hard to see her just in black and white in a newspaper. Sorry I really hurt right now; this anniversary is a killer, the wound just start bleeding again. I just miss her so much. And on top of everything today I turned her room into a playroom for my kids. I took the bed everything out; my son said, "Were is my nonna going to sleep now". Everything is so final. I know she lives in my heart now.

Thank you for listening. You are my rock of support. I only talk to you guys about this stuff.


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I got tears just being around right now, and reading all this. wish I could give ya a big warm blanket and a hug, Cause all mine are wet from crying. will send a prayer and a positive thoughts!!!! :cry:

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