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Already There

Don Wood

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For those of us who have lost loved ones, I thought the chorus of Lonestar's "I'm Already There" is a message from them.

"I'm already there

Take a look around

I'm the sunshine in your hair

I'm the shadow on the ground

I'm the whisper in the wind

I'm your imaginary friend

And I know I'm in your prayers

Oh, I'm already there.

I'm already there

Don't make a sound

I'm the beat in your heart

I'm the moonlight shining down

I'm the whisper in the wind

And I'll be there until the end

Can you feel the love that we share?

Oh, I'm already there."

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Don, thank you for posting the words to one of my very favorite songs. I think of Dennis every single time I hear this song. When I'm having a bad day or just having problems, it seems that this song will always come on the radio. It's almost like a "sign" that Dennis is right here with me. I know you can feel Lucie when you hear these words.

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