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unexpected good side effects


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We hear about the various side effects of chemotherapy; hair loss, low red blood cell count, etc. Generally these are considered detrimental, but perhaps there some beneficial side effects also. All my adult life I have been plagued with athlete’s foot fungus. In 1996 a dermatologist prescribed Lamisil which had a dramatic effect. That, and the fact that I was living on my boat in warm climes wearing only sandals, brought relief until 2002 when I moved ashore and began wearing shoes and socks. The fungus returned with a vengeance! I was actually starting another Lamisil treatment when the cancer was diagnosed. My oncologist recommended ceasing the Lamisil during chemo due to potential liver damage.

But lo, the chemo has had an effect on the fungus, such that it appears to be pretty well gone!

I did have the blood cell issue to the extent that I had a blood transfusion and Aranesp shots, and was severely neutropenic at one point. But I had only minimal hair loss, and nothing else really significant.

Anyone else have beneficial side effects to report?

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Yeah, I had this tough wart on the side of my index finger for years. Looks like it don't like chemo. I also have some sort of toenail fungus (not too bad) that I was hoping would be killed off, but alas, its hanging on. I might have to use some antifungal.

Oh, and I always wanted to see myself bald and was never fond of my developing body hair.


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Well, as I mentioned once in an earlier post, I used to have one straight, thick, continuous eyebrow that went over both eyes and my nose in between. now I have 2 normal looking eyebrows, but they are a little sparse. I still have nose hairs and ear hairs.

Don M

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