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Thanks in advance for any help. My husband was diagnosed with sclc in Dec. With mets both to brain and liver, he was immediately started on decadron 2 in the morning and 2 at night. In Jan. they decided to do WBR and he had 10 treatments, at the end of the treatments they told us to gradually come off the decadron, We are now at the point of 1 a day, When he was on the full dose he barely slept and was very wound up all the time. Now that we are down to one he seems to have wound down and is very tired. I think it is a good thing that he is finally resting, he was literally going almost 24 hrs. a day. Has anyone else had this reaction to decadron and does this seem a normal reaction? We are on a 3day chemo regimen and 25off carboplatin and etopside? Monday will start his 3rd round. I guess I don't know what may be drug reactions or symptoms of this beast.

I am very thankful to have found this wonderful place of comfort. Thanks to everyone


Later I will work on our profile it's very helpful to me to read everyone's

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When I first took Decadron it was given to me concurrent with my chemo treatment. My schedule was every Friday afternoon and I'd go home afterward and pretty much just zonk out on the couch. After a couple hours things would then be pretty normal until sometime after midnight and then I'd be totally buzzed. Thankfully my treatment was in the summer because I'd be out working on the lawn or in the garden when the sun came up, (4:00 AM was normal). I'd have frozen in the winter on that schedule.

The fatigue is common and ongoing. Right now I probably have more energy than any time since diagnosis and that still requires a lot of rest and supplemental injections.

From my experience I'd say your husband's reaction is typical. Just remember to write down all your concerns and ask the doctors to be sure.

Good luck on this journey and best wishes to you both.


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Alan was a speed demon on Decadron. Not sleeping is a

common effect with that much Decadron. The sleeping

is a very common side effect with radiation. Alan is

going through radiation treatments at this very time

and he sleeps more than he is awake. Sorry your family is going through this.

Many prayers coming your way.

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I'm glad you are here but I'm sad that you had to come here. My thoughts and prayers are with you. My father (sclc/brain) just went through 13 rads/one per day. When we rushed him in to his oncologist because of seizures, falling and such, doc immediately put him on this to reduce swelling. It worked. However, he got a terrible case of Thrush in the back of his throat and the first week he would not, could not stop talking. On and on and on. Trouble sleeping but this all subdued in about 1 1/2 weeks and he began to rest and get back to sleep. I believe it's common. This is a rollercoaster for sure!

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