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So, after my doc tells me that my scans are good I go off for my infusion of Avastin thinking everythings just great. Then I get home and read the report, and it says that "there is mild central lobular EMPHYSEMA!" What's this all about?

Have I now developed emphysema too? So after all those years of not smoking I managed to get lung cancer AND emphysema?

Does anyone have any experience with this? I'll certainly discuss it with my doctor but I was hoping someone here might have some info.



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I am sorry to hear about it. My mother has a breast cancer and after the neoadjuvant dose of chemo five years ago she has developed some emphysema. The chemo was taxotere/ adriamycin. It does seem that chemo causes emphysema frequently. She has some problems with it (like she had harder time breathing when

she visited me in Salt Lake) but overall it is not too bad.

Probably it is not going to be too much of a problem for you.

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Hi Tracy,

My last PET scan showed "bullous emphysema" of my left (good) lung. My pulmonologist described it (if I remember correctly) as my left lung compensating for the loss of function (caused by the tumor and radiation) in my right lung by hyper-inflating. My lung function is quite good so I'm not super concerned. I walk about 10,000 steps a day so that may be why my pulmonologist isn't that concerned about it either.

Good luck.


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