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Walk in MN?


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Hi wondermom. If you look through the events pictures you can see we have done most everything else here in Minnesota.

Connie B started getting us organized years ago. We had 2 events at the state capital for Lung Cancer awareness. I have had 2 here in Burnsville with the Mayor, one at city hall , the other at the Burnville Mall. I had one at my Hospital and this year I put up educational posters all over the Curves that I exercise at.

Our support group in St. Paul ( many who are Connie B followers) would be sure to join in.

Tell us more about your idea. I hope this is a ways off, One reason to get organized , the other is we have had too many days below zero to think about walking outside much right now!

Donna G

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I helped on the Boston walk (even though I am in Michigan). Cate at LUNGevity can give you a great check list of what is involved in setting up a walk. Tasks are broken down by month with a 6 month planning period. It is good you are thinking about this now as it takes awhile to put one together and do it right. The first and very most important thing is to put together a committee of dedicated volunteers (and it sounds like between Donna and Connie you have a good start). Make sure you get a great public relations person on your committee to get the word out.

The money goes to LUNGevity and they pass it on in research grants.

Good luck-- PM me if you need help.

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I was the Event Coordinator for last year's Boston walk, our first. It is a lot of hard work and does require a good group of dedicated people to form a committee. But the award is well worth it knowing you are doing something for lung cancer. I had no experince and knew absoulely nothing about doing a walk. I worked with Cate at LUNGevity very closely and she is the best as far as I'm concerned. PM me if you want and I will give you my telephone number if you want to call me and go over things. I can also help if you need some.

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Can we wait for the weather to warm up so we don't have to walk in -10 below zero weather?? We tried to get into the Mall of Amercian but they didn't want us. They said they have enough cancer walks and they didn't want to add Lung Cancer to the list.

But, that was a 3 years ago. Maybe if we had about 10 of us go out there and meet with them face to face, they might change there minds. IT's worth it to try.

I can talk to some of my contact people at the U o M and those at United Hospital and see if they can help us out.

Sounds like a good plan to me. We have 26 lung cancer survivirs in my support group at Regions Hospital and I know they would be more then welling to sign up for the walk, along with there family and freinds. These people are the GREATEST!!

So, we'll have to put our thinking caps up. Who wants to Chair this Event, Wondermom are you willing to take on the task??? :D

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I am glad to see so much interest! I think it would be very exciting. I need to get more info. from Lungevity before committing 100%. I do home daycare so I would have to do a lot of the planning by phone and e-mail as it isn't so easy for me to get a day off. I will keep everyone posted as I get more info.

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