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Chest CT update


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Well mom went to her oncology appt today with her chemo doc and he gave her the results of her chest CT and he said everything is "perfect" so by the grace of God and the friends her praying for her we have done it again! :D

Mom still continues to have headaches and shaking that we can't figure out why the test that her neurologists wants to do is way expensive so her chemo doc may treat symptoms and see if that helps.

Once again thank you all and I do pray for everyone fighting this horrible disease on a daily basis. Many prayer for all and of course still praying for that day we hear that there IS A CURE!

Just a quick thought: How many people think that the reason there is not a cure yet is because they make to much money off of treating it rather than curing?

Just curious!

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Hurray for Mom, Heidi! I am overjoyed she is doing well. I do wish, though, that the shaking and headaches could be resolved. As for your question about making money off of the tx, well, I would just HATE to think that is the case, ya know? But............???????????????


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