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Helpful Books or Audio material?


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I am wondering if anyone can suggest any books or medititation CD's that would help my mother who will begin radiation and chemotherapy shortly. There is so much material out there that it is overwhelming.

I am wondering if anyone had favorites that they felt really comforted and eased any pain -- or were especially useful.

Thank you all so much. This site is such a comfort.

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Hi Adam,

I wanted to welcome you here and to let you know that you will find much comfort and guidance here. I never used meditation/relaxation techniques during treatment but I'm sure others will be along shortly who will ideas for books or cd's. Good luck to you and your mom. Keep us posted as her treatment progresses.


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I really liked the Bernie Seigel book, "Love, Medicine and Miracles." He has several books and audio items including "Healing Meditations" (audio CD), "Meditations for Enhancing Your Immune System" (audio CD), "Peace, Love and Healing: Bodymind Communication & the Path to Self-Healing: An Exploration" (Paperback), etc.

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Welcome Adam. What helped me more than anything was finding this site and reading the profiles of others that are battling the brave fight against the beast. I sent out a couple of e-mails to folks who had undergone the same type of treatment I scheduled to receive and at last one of them (thank you Tom) sent me a very detailed response of what it had been like for him. If your mom would utilze this site it will give her a place to talk to folks that truly DO understand what she is dealing with.

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