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Sore Head - Help,Please?


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I didn't lose all my hair, but had a sensitive scalp. I remember Fay A. discussing how the backing of the wig hurt her bare little head and she used liners between her head and the wig. You may want to think about wearing a soft turban instead of the wig? Maybe sleep in the soft cap so your sheets don't rub your head?

Maybe a very soft massage would help? Talk to your stylist, s/he may have some ideas on what can help..

It's miserable being miserable, hope the sun comes out again soon!


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After my mom started whole brain radiation she had very same symptoms... very sore tender head- over time the tenderness did go away... She stopped wearing her wigs and resigned herself to soft terry cloth turban and very soft smushy pillow to sleep. I wish you all the best!


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My head was sensitive for about a week after my hair came out. I even got some red spots on my head that cause itching. That too only lasted about a week. I did show it to my Onc Doc and he looked at my head and said, HUMMM I don't know what that could be. The nurses said that some other patients had the same problem and they said the burning went away after seveal days too.

I couldn't wear my wigs during that time either. I just wore my terry turban.

I also had a neck pillow and because it hurt to touch my head to pillows I slept on the Recliner with my neck pillow.

I hope yours only lasts a few days. It does go away.

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