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relay for life

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Hi everyone

I have been spending some time on the American Cancer Society web site and think I have decided to do a Relay for Life(18 hours of walking around a track) I was thinking of how many people I know that have been somehow touched by some kind of cancer and I feel like I need to do something. There is an obvious need for more money and this might be a chance to get some people more aware of lung cancer, They have one at the High school that my mom graduated from and I thought that it will be a nice tribute to her, Anyway I was hoping that someone has done this and can give me some info Also if anyone has ever done ACS Roads to Recovery which pairs people willing to drive patients to treatment appointments if you could let me know how that worked for you that would be a big help

Thanks Cheryl

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Hi Cheryl,

I was a Road to Recovery volunteer. Our local ACS chapter had a very good coordinator for the drivers and cancer patients. I would give her the days I was available to drive and she would call several days in advance to setup the appointments.

It gave me a good feeling to help people in their fight against cancer. I had to give it up when Kasey was diagnosed. I now volunteer at our local hospital in the Oncology Office entering cancer information in the computer. My current way of helping to fight cancer.


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Thanks for the info Fred. I know when my mom was sick one of my worries was making sure she got to the appointments. It was hard cuz my Dad still works and I live in NH and she was in MA so we did a lot of juggling and I often thought about how people who dont have family around manage. I really want something good to come from my Mom's illness and passing. So who knows maybe Ill be the positive in someone's awful battle with cancer and she raised me to be kind and caring so Ill be honoring her in some way too.


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We just found out recently that our area will be doing the Relay in May. We didn't even know that this activity was going on in the past. My wife, Marilyn has volunteered as a team captain and we are busy trying to round up walkers, runners, sponsors and donors.

We live in a very small community and everyone we have contacted has been very positive about supporting the Relay. It seems like every family in our area has been impacted by this disease.

If you haven't found out yet who your area team captains are just keep asking. They'll have the information you seek. I'd think you could find them by just doing a search at the ACS website.

Thanks for the support.


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I volunteered for Road to Recovery during my mom's illness and it was very difficult for me at the time. The last time I did it a woman that was in her late 70s was told she needed to call her family (who all lived out of town and were not involved at all in her life) bc she was going to die very soon. I was devaststed and had to stop doing it. I have been reconsidering starting it up again though. Maybe I'd be stronger this time. It is a very worthwhile program, one that is very needed in most communities. The people who call to arrange the visits are very flexible and nice. I say go for it!

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