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flax seed

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Hi everyone, I was just wondering if anyone ever heard of flax seed or flax seed oil.I have heard that it can help prevent cancer and cancer recurrance. I asked my onco about it once and he sent me literature on it that was put out by NCI website and everything sounded good about how it destroyed cancer in rats and so on. But he reccommended I not use it at this time. I just always wondered what it would hurt taking it as a preventive or health food.Also how much and how often would a person take it and is the oil just as good as the seeds. Thank you

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I squeeze a little flaxseed oil on my green salad and I also sprinkle a few flax seeds on the salad. I find it to be very tasty. I am not taking any medication or getting any treatment. I am almost 1.2 years post surgery and trying to eat and live a healthy lifestyle.


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I have used Flaxseed and Flaxseed oil all through my treatment. I mix it with my oatmeal. You will find some oncologist don't want you to take anything, because they just don't know what it can or cannot do. Flaxseed you can get in breads and not even know you are eating it. I am working on a recipe for muffins that will contain flax seed. I read that in one study women that had breast cancer ate muffins that contained 25g of Flaxseed. Ther were some good results. So far I can only find a recipe that has 17g. I will be posting the recipe when I have made the muffins and survived eating them. : lol: If you buy whole Flaxseed, then you want to grind them in a coffee grinder to get the nutrition out of them.

Stay positive, :)


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