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Which is Worse Game....


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I'm sure we did this a while back but I think it's ok to have a go at it again. One person asks a which is worse question and the next answers and asks.

Which is worse?:

no air conditioning in summer or no heat in winter?

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No air conditioning in summer for the comfort aspect...I can always cuddle in a blanket or two, and fuzzy socks, and wool socks, and flannel jammies, and a hat and mittens...

BUT, if it's cold enough to freeze the pipes and damage the house, guess I'd need the heat in the winter and live in a warm shower in the summer (I have well water, dancing in the sprinkler can throw the body in shock).

What's worse,

Blisters on your heels or

Blisters on your sole?

(I'm shopping for new shoes...LOL)

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