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back to oncologist this week after restaging to IIIB


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Hello Friends,

Well, its back to the oncologist this Wed 10/15 after my father's restaging from IIIa to IIIb due to the supraclavicular node the surgeon found upon touch.

He needs prayers because of his past with lymphoma (and second bout resulting in stem cell transplant) he is not a great candidate for full dose chemo. I am hoping they will be able to accomplish what they want to with radiation (which thankfully he's never had before), or brachytherapy, or even surgery. Surgeon said if he ever saw good enough shrinkage he would consider surgery again. We will discuss maybe going to Sloan Kettering for treatment, I want onc's opinion on that.

He needs Jesus' Healing Hand, that will be his strongest weapon. All my prayers to Him and the intercession of Mary and many of my favorite saints is that he can be healed in spite of all thats stacked against him. I have enough faith to know it will happen.

So, Im asking, begging, for your prayers for my great dad, Matthew.

Thank you, thank you, thank you.

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The PET showed an enlarged lymph node that will be checked out tomorrow by a scan. If that is only an infection then yes to NED at the present time and hopefully the future.

This has really been on heck of a roller coaster ride. Thanks for your concern.....

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Dearest Linda,

Sorry for my late posting, I just saw your post. I say prayers every night for all of us here.... May your dad's tests be clean... Keep the faith and miracles do happen. All we have to do is believe. By his stripes, we are healed. We claim that healing for your dad. God is good. Special prayers for your dad.

God Bless and praying for a "Cure" for all of us.....


P.S. Linda, Thank you for your post under good news....

Norme, Congrats, that is great news on your Buddy, "NED".....

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