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Missing mom more and more


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I so so understand. my mom left on jan 10th....not 5 minutes go by without me thinking of her, missing her. this truly sucks bad.

Im sorry for us both, i can only hope time will make it get better, doesnt seem like it will but we have to trust those who have been before us.....

dont really know what to say except hold in there, that is my only plan! for once i dont have a plan b......i wait myself for some kind of sign, a dream, anything! the only thing i get is her scent once in a great while...I cant believe the pain i am in - wow :cry:

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I know. It hurts a lot.

But your sign will be when you respond to something or say something and you hear your mom in your own words.

I had one of my employees make a mistake, big enough to be fairly visible. I went to her and said, "hey look, it's not the end of the world, everyone has made mistakes, you did your best. And even if it was a bigger thing, what's the worst thing thhat happens?" And it was then I knew...that's all mom talking. She's totally in everything I do and say...sometimes a little, sometimes a lot. So next time you react to something, tell a story, whatever...see if some of that is mom...that's your sign.

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All of you are in my prayers..I too lost my mom, a few years ago..I hate mothers day with a passion..I know I should not be so harsh but that is how I feel..I hate looking at the cards, the flowers, etc..

I do know as Nick said, they are with us every day..

God's Blessing to all,

Donna :cry:

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