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Hi all

New to this section of the board.Spent a few days in the intro section getting my feet wet.was dx with stage2a in April and had lob removed and have completed one cycle of chemo...3 more to go.Am going to redo my profile so all my info is there but until then its all in th intro section.


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Sorry you found this site through cancer diagnosis. There are so many supportive people here for you, A lovely group of people. Don't know that any of us know what to expect of life. But one thing we have in common is hope. Never give up hope for a cancer cure, for lung cancer or any cancer. When i was diagnoised my husband reminded people that other things might kill us before cancer, such as a car wreck. None of us are promised tomorrow. We live one day at a time. I am almost to three years from point of diagnosis so feel God has been very gracious to us. Even if tomorrow doesn't come for me, I am covered in God's grace. Be informed about different treatments available. Ask your docs any and everything. Most of the symptoms or side effects you have will have been experienced by at least one other person and you can go check out how they dealt with it through a search. There are several really savvy computer people here who can help you. I can barely turn on a computer but others are very adept. God bless you scman. Will be prayinmg for you. pammie

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Scman, my mom was diagnosed with stage II nsclc in october. After surgery, she had four rounds of chemo. Her side effects were very manageable - fatigue being the worst one by far. This past week we saw her oncologist for the first time since we finished chemo - no signs of any progression. In fact, he used that wonderful term NED! (No Evidence of Disease).

We're on our way to a cure, and so are you! Your cancer was caught in a very early, treatable, and curable stage. If you have any questions, I'll do my best to answer. Keep your chin up, you can beat it.


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Hi scman, sorry you had the need to find us, but I'm glad you did. Comeon in, the water's fine! Now that you got your feet wet! :wink:

I sure know what you mean when you say, this is all a mystery to you. I STILL remember the beginning days of my lc journey. As you can see, it's been 12 years for me and I was a stage IIIB. So, you have a good chance of being a long term survivor and you'll become a pro at all this, even though you won't want to. :wink:

Before long you'll be sharing your journey with other lc survivors just starting out in there journey.

I hope you'll stay with us and let us walk the walk with you. This is a very supportive and sincere bunch of people here.

Hang in there, we're all here to help.

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