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Artificial Intelligence?


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My HAIR is finally starting to fill in! I didn't lose it all during the trial, just enough to see my scalp shining back at me when I try to arrange wisps on my head...

My bangs look like a 4 y/o attacked me with scissors, but they're coming in...and I'm going to be SMARTER because all the blonde that fell out is coming in a coppery brown!! (Okay, I'll admit it, it was MY blonde that fell out, but as soon as my hair is deemed "healthy", I'll be a blonde again!)

Minor thing, I know...still hanging on to the rash blotches, but they seem to be dissipating some...

So, I'll be having ice cream in celebration! Join me?


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Make mine Ben and Jerry's Cherry Garcia

These guys actually went to school with me in Merrick Long Island-(or at least one of them did) --Of course they were not millionaires then so I would not have noticed them :lol::lol::lol:

very glad that everyone's hair is growing back--- :D:D -

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