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Wheezing ....what does this mean?


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My mum has developed wheezing when she breathes, even at rest.She has never had this before. It does seem too much of a problem and her oncolgist was not duly concerned. He gave her her second round of chemo.

Does anyone else have experience of this?

Does it mean the chemo isnt working or is the cancer getting worse?

I am panicking so any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks for listening


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My Mom started wheezing a few days after starting treatment which was the same chemo as your Mom but with intense radiation. The respiratory therapists said it meant that the lung was "opening up" and that she was finally moving some air. And that was a good thing! They started giving her breathing treatments and they helped. At the least, he can give your Mum inhalers like Albuterol and Atrovent.

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My hubby also had wheezing and we were told that was a result of the cancer breaking up. One suggestion we were given was to lightly 'pound' the chest with a fist, sort of in a t-shape - shoulder to shoulder and then from the heart to the bottom of ribs to help the blood flow and assist in oxygen to lungs. It was something that my hubby said felt good and helped some.

I am sorry you are going through this. I do hope your mum feels as well as to be expected and has great success with chemo. It can be difficult trying to sort what is normal and what to be alarmed by. I am here if you ever need to chat.


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Thank you all for yor replies.

The wheezing seems to come and go but the medical people dont seem too alarmed so I will put my trust in them.

She has got some inhalers that she used to use for asthma and these do help a little.

She is on her second round now is doing ok just very tired and lost all her hair :cry:

Thank you all for being here and helping me with this awful situation.

I wish us all better days :)

God bless


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