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Anyone have this? We are currently under the final days of a 15 day radiation cycle. MIL is Brusing at every turn, not having good days, I think she is beinging to give over to the exceptance of eternity with out all this pain, if not conciously maybe not even realizing it. Not willing to do small things now, ensure for calorie upkeep or Vitamin IV's as she once did.............

But what about all this brusing? And an unexplainable feeling of not feling well all over her body?

We have radiation in the am I am going with to get her looked at more thoughly......

Any ideas?

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Thanks for all the advice!!!!

Had platelets checked, came back good. Could be the anti-imflamitory shes on now due to the radiation. I'll be honest our Radiologist didnt give us even a slight glimpse of the amount of fatigue shes under or any other side effects, he made it seem like nothing. Pain (due to the cancer growing) still increasing, now at night taking double oral morphine doses to get thru...........

Just wondering when this rickety old cancer rollercoaster is going to collapse under her........

Thanks for the support, I appreciate all of you!!

Beat it!!

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