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I discovered this amazing message board about a month ago after desperately searching all there was to know about lung cancer. My mom went into the hospital 9/12/03 with incredible back pain only to discover a week later she had Stage IV non-small cell lung cancer mets. to her lymph nodes. Chemo (Carboplatin/Taxol) was started immediately in hosp. Her pain still not under control kept her in the hosp. for another week before the doctors finally found the right concoction of meds. to give her some relief. While waiting to be released, her abdomen, bothering her the entire time and thinking it was a side effect of the chemo, became very distended and a different pain took over. That night a team of doctors performed emergency exploratory surgery and discovered she had a perforated colon (not cancer related). They cut her literally from top to bottom and gave her a temporary colostomy. She finally left the hospital 10 days later.

It has been the most heart wrenching month of my life. My father, sister and myself have been her rock to lean on as she was once for us before this all happened. She just completed her 2nd chemo treatment and we are praying that the cancer tumors in her back shrink to give her relief. She is on unbelievable pain meds. and I wonder how long she can take it.

I have been reading about everyones stories for a few weeks now. I have smiled, cried, prayed, and cheered people on silently from where I sit. Thank you all for sharing your stories. You make me believe that there is hope.


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Glad u jumped in Kim. This is a group of people who are welcoming, knowledgeable and warmhearted. We are there for you.

As to pain in the back, I can certainly empathize with that. I have had backache now for some 4 months and it wasn't until last month that they discovered mets to the spine. I have started radiation and hope for some relief from this pain soon.

Keep in touch and i will pray for your mother's recovery and relief from that awful pain.

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Hi Kim,

Welcome aboard. I too had back pain, I had a pancoast tumor (nsclc, grew into chest wall). After almost 2 years of misdiagnoses and PT and orthopedic drs and trigger point injections. somebody bothered to listen to me about an X RAY!!!!

When they found cancer, well, then they gave me PAIN meds. Funny thing about large doses of morphine and such, they can reduce peristalsis in the intestines to almost nothing, and next thing you know POOF!! perforation. I had the same thing happen to me. I went to the oncologists to arrange for chemo and essentially collapsed in his office, followed by emergency surgery that night. So, the entire time I had chemo and radiation, cancer surgery, and more chemo, I had the blasted ostomy. I finally had it reversed 7 months later. I discovered in one of my later hospital bouts (respiratory infection) that it (perforation and ostomy) is not an infrequent occurrence.

Tell your dear mother to hang on, I recommend that she try to find the ostomy supply company that offers the little gas relief valve as an optional product. Made a world of difference in my comfort level, knowing the bag wouldn't pop off. I also loved sweat pants and overalls.

Hard to believe looking back that I endured all this without blinking, but it's amazing what you will do when you have to.

Tell your mom she's not alone, there are a lot of us out here.

Keeping you in my prayers,



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Hi Kim, sounds like Mary Ann and your mom's cases are similiar. Sure hope your mom gets the same relief as Mary Ann has.

This cancer thing is very hard at the beginning because it changes our lives so drasticly. One day everything is going along as should be and the next, a total bomb. Hang in with your mom and give her all your strength and she will start to mend and again be on the road to recovery.

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