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.... On this part of the board anyway. I posted in the Welcome forum a couple of weeks ago. At that time all I knew was I had a large mass in the top lobe of my right lung. Now, after further x-rays and CT scans I my doctor has dxd me with stage 3a NSCLC. We are waiting on the results from the biopsy to determine just what particular flavor of NSCLC it is. I should find out in a couple of days. I had a brochoscopy on Tuesday and got a chance to look at the tumor myself. It's a big one that is partialy blocking off the windpipe to the top lobe of my right lung. Once section of that lobe has collapsed. There were also indications in the CT scan that the cancer had traveled into at least some of the lymph nodes in and around the lung.

I'm somewhat lucky that part of my lung collapsed when it did and made me realy sick. If it had not the cancer would have been even more advanced by the time they found it.

I'm being treated at the VA hospital in San Diego, CA. I'm lucky in that respect also. My doctor is also associated with the University of California at San Diego Medical Center cancer unit, concidered one of the best in the world, and has access to all the latest info and treatment options.

My attitude, and that of my wife, is good. As a recovering alcoholic/addict I've been living life one day at a time for almost 24 of my 53 years now and that is how I plan to continue, no matter what the prognisis is.

I'll be hanging around here quite a bit I imagine. I've already learned a lot from reading the posts while waiting for the dx. I hope to learn more about this journey I find myself on as the days go by.


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Hi Dean, I also was diagnosed with stage IIIa lung cancer. I had surgery in June of 2001. No further treatment, but followup scans and chest xrays. I had one lymphnode that tested positive and was told that it was the one closest to the tumor. So far I am cancer free at least as far as we can tell and feeling pretty good. Stay hopeful. I'm also a friend of Bill W's, 11 years and counting. Keep us updated. Nancy O.

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Hi Dean,

I live in your part of the world and was treated at UCSD until they lost their lung cancer specialist last October. Since then, I have been traveling up to Cedars-Sinai in LA, but do have a realtionshiip with the new lung oncologist at UCSD. If we have to deal with this insidious disease, at least we live in a place with the best climate in the entire world! I look forward to reading your future posts and will include you, as well as all persons involved on this list, in my prayer for strength, endurance, and healing.



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HI Dean, Welcome , I am also a friend of Bill W's for 21 years now. Your cancer diagnosis sounds very much like mine. Glad that you found this place it is a good supportive place, with lots of caring people, one helping each other get thru this awful disease. Kinda like a 12 step group. We hava chat that meets on Tuesdays @ 8 pm est, and Wednesdays @ 9pm est ( not sure what time it would be on the west coast for you), be great to see you there if you can make it.

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Hi Dean

Sorry we all have to meet this way, but welcome back. I was in Yuma this past week and as we were coming home on the 8 freeway, we passed Alpine. I thought of you and your post, you are close to Viejas casino. I love the Indian casinos, LOL.... I am glad you are getting answers and will be getting treatment soon. I too was diagnosed with 3a-b in March this year. I just had a second Bronc. 1-1/2 wks ago, Pulmonary doc who diagnosed me in March said after this bronc he can't find the tumor. The tumor was 17cm and had shrunk to 8cm after radiation and chemo in May... Started chemo (Taxol/Carbo) in September and in Oct he can't find the tumor. A miracle has happened and I owe thanks to my Lord for this healing. If you want to talk, you can PM me and I'll share my experiences with you. Don't give up hope, you are a survivor..... Keep the faith.

God Bless and praying for a "Cure" for all of us....


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Welcome. My husband and I were in San Diego for about 14 months while he was in the Navy. Occasionallly he doctors here at the VA Hopital in Minneapolis. Keep us posted on your tests and plan. Donna G

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