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tarceva/food taste/appetite


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I've been on Tarceva for about 6 weeks now. I've noticed in the last 2-3 weeks that food is tasting kind of funny, and my appetite is down some. I knew this was a common effect of IV chemotherapy, but is this consistent with other people's experience? It seems that, in particular, fatty foods taste awful (this might not be a bad thing!).

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Hi Neil: Maurice is in the Tarceva Avastin/Placebo trial and his appetite is zilch. Don't know which chemo agent to attribute it to but there is zero appetite. Wish I could give you some advice but I can't. He's just drinking homemade milkshakes with lots of ice cream. Good Luck


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Hi Neil,

I've been on Tarceva 13 months and have had no issues with nausea or change in the taste of food. I have high cholesterol issues, so I don't eat fatty foods or red meats, just lots of chicken/turkey/fish, fruits and veggies (sigh!). Hope it improves for you.


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