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Hi everyone,

I have been lurking here for some time but have never posted yet. So I suppose this seemed like a good time. I really just want to tell you all how great you have been in helping me to put things into perspective during the last 10 months or so. I have been reading all posts for about 6 months and am greatly impressed with the positive attitudes and courage displayed here.

I had a dear friend with sclc who has just died last month on 09/14. He was strong and healthy to start with and responded well to his chemo, although he obviously encountered the usual problems of fatigue and some sickness. But I have never known anyone so positive, and was sure that out of all people he was the one who could beat this monster. We all thought that, himself included. He was only 53, but unfortunately he didn't make it. He had bone mets and tragically also ended up getting spinal cord compression which made the last month of his life into a truly miserable experience. I feel that his doctors didn't help him as they were being negative and withheld important information from him, which was vital for him to make decisions about his own care and survival. I really feel he was let down which leaves me sad, angry and frustrated. Unfortunately this seems to happen all too often.

I am so sad that he has died, he was such a courageous man, like so many others who have been posting here, and members of their family. I admire all you people greatly, you are such a wonderful bunch of people and I wish you all well and the very best possible outcome for you or your loved one(s). God bless you all. :)

Warm hugs,


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