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Cindi O'h?


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Hi everyone. I still lurk here and am so happy to see so many of my old friends doing so well.

But, speaking of old friends, I haven't seen Cindi in forever. The last sort of time period I remember her being on here was when she moved close to another board member (I can't remember which one, sorry) and I don't think I've seen her since.

Does anyone have any news?

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No news on Cyndi, Dee!!!!! She has disappeared :cry: and we wish we knew where she is and how she's doing. In fact, I just deleted a PM I had sent her abour 4 months ago that was never picked up :? .

BUT........glad to see YOU again! By any chance, are you a student who has time to post during breaks? I remember so well all your posts about Claire. I was sorry to hear about her. How's your new place and job? How have YOU been doing?


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Hi Kasey! I'm sorry there's no news of Cindi. I'm sure a few of us could do with a few drinks in her pub.

No, I'm not a student. Those days are long behind me :lol: My new job isn't so new anymore and I can't believe you remembered that! I'm really well thank you but life you know, it just isn't the same. Never will be. I don't come here posting because I don't need support and I feel I have nothing to offer but I am a guest quite frequently as I can't forget about you all. I'm so glad you and Fred are doing well but I was very sorry to see your niece join the club nobody wants to be in. hi Tracy - we've not met but you have more cyber support than you know.

Well, I'll toddle off now but you all remain in my thoughts and prayers.


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I, too have thought so often about Cindi. I do hope that someone has some news. I was keeping in touch with her by telephone until she moved. I pray things are well for her.

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