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Getting to Know You - TGIF Style


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I would really like to "bop" my co-worker, Keith on the head this morning...lol! He's the lucky one that left us for vacation this week. It's going to be crazy here in the office for a week!!!

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My first thought was a political one, but I don't want to upset the apple cart in a fun forum...

I'd say my husband's soon-to-be-former boss. DH is changing jobs, and his boss is quite unhappy about it. Too much to go into here, but he is working hard to make these last two weeks miserable. It's a shame...DH invested many years in that company, and hoped to leave on good terms.

:) Kelly

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I like Kamataca could name a politician but i'll not do it for obvious reason's .So the lucky person is "Do i hear a drum Roll" my Supervisor for letting a employee off for the day yesterday and it turn's out being the busiest day of the week.....

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