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Cyberknife, Removal of Lymph Nodes


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Does anyone have any advice?

My mom has been responding well to chemo after completing 6 months of tx (6 sessions of carbo/taxol every 3 weeks). She is stable and healthy (exercises daily and active, overall in good spirits) - with 2 confirmed masses in right and left lobes. (Plus a couple of small blemishes suspected, but not confirmed CA) CT scan from this week indicate all is stable except slight change in lymph node- my dad says the MD says it looks slightly inflammed. (And since I was not at the appoint so I don't know which one.) MD said he would not recommend radiation as it would fatigue her too much but thinks cyberknife is something we could consider for lung lesions. We are doing PET scan next week to get more precise picture of chest.

Has anyone any experience with cyberknife (good or bad)? My mom had gamma knife on her brain mass a few months ago- should I expect same protocol? Also, is it jumping the gun to ask about removing lymph nodes to limit further progression? I know my mom is stge IV with solitary brain mass but still hopeful to contain as much as possible.



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DonM is our cyberknife guru. Do a search of his posts and you will get lots of links with mega info. Not sure about the lymph node removal for stage IV. That's a question for the docs you have. When you search.......can't remember if he uses a space between first name and last initial or not. If one doesn't work, try the other. Good luck.


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An isolated brain met with no lymph node involvement is one type of stage IV that is sometimes treated with resection.

http://jtcs.ctsnetjournals.org/cgi/cont ... /112/1/146

Just because there is a lymph node is enlarged does not mean it is cancerous. The size is misleading. Sometimes regular sized lymph nodes are cancerous

A pet scan may help but they are only around 85% accurate.

A medianoscopy if the node can be reached may tell you if the lymph node is cancerous

I don't think lymph nodes are usually removed by themselves. They are usually disected when a lobe is removed or before a lobe is removed to do staging.

Another thing to ask the Dr about. Sometimes people have two primary lung tumors not one. If there are two primaries then surgery can sometimes be done on both tumors

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they all beat me on this one folks. Will send a prayer for ya and let us know what we can help with of course.

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