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Getting to Know You - August 3


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I'm a cub scout leader---my boys are now Webelos, and I've been with them since Tiger Cubs. I really love working with the boys, but I wish more of the dads would step up and lead--I think between their female teachers and moms these boys need more time with the guys. I do love being with them, though. I also volunteer at church as a reader and a VBS teacher.

I would like to volunteer as a surfing instructor, but living in OK and not ever having surfed myself---put that on the 'long-term goals' list.

:) Kelly

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I have'nt volunteered for any thing for a few year's but i did volunteer to help out in the amateur boxing club here and ended up doing it alone for most of twenty year's. I did have a very fine friend and lover of boxing help me out financially for many of those year's as without his help we would not have had a place to train. He passed away last spring and was a good Christian to boot his name was Pedro Falcon....

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Before John's diagnosis I was on the board of a local hospice and also secretary of our lake association. I dropped both positions because I couldn't put in the time any longer. I volunteer for LUNGevity on the Boston walk and also here as a moderator.

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Before my husband, Mike died we

did volunteer work in the small

town where we were living, after

we moved to a big town for his treatments

we stopped the volunteer work, but

since he died I resumed that volunteer

work and it keeps me busy and happy.

Volunteer work for people with cancer

after all I'm living with two cancers

and doing well. The health system

in Quebec is not the best because

you have to dig to find help, so

I have a big shovel and make and

fill holes.

Volunteer work with poor people that

don't know how to get out of poverty

because they are scared of life and

drecting them to the right agencies

that can help them for food clothes

and furniture and showing them how

to make a budget that will hold.

Volunteer work for Rotary Club in a

library, all books at 3 for $2,00,

that is fun and I get plenty of

reading for myself and the sick

people I look after.

Helping caretakers to get a few hours

away from sickness.

The hospital where Mike was treated

asked me to do volunteer work and

now it is my fourth year with them.


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