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RED hair....

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I have a interesting thing I want to share... kinda funny if you think about it.

I have a friend that has literally HOT PINK hair... shes a normal mom like me has a husband 3 kids the normal kinda stuff but she has PINK hair so I ask her hey how can I make my hair like RED I mean cherry bomb red... so she tells me an I say what the heck I am a stay at home mom that also takes care of dad with LC lets have a little FUN. shoot no one to say hey you are breaking dress code....

SOOooo now my hair is this really bright shade of red that is as my husband jokingly says is almost clown wig RED. what the heck have a little fun in this not so fun time...

Well its HOT an my dad tries to play in the yard over a few days an doesnt drink enough water an he gets dehydrated. so I packed him up tool him to the ER an this is same ER that I have taken him to 4 other times... would you belive that the Dr's would not look at me...I mean barely gave me the time of day till I pushed them to it .... my Dad cant tell them anything about meds or drs or any of it.. so I have to answer those questions and normally the Drs would look at me an talk to me an interact with me... wel not this time...it took about 21/2 hours to get them to realize I had a brain an knew what I was talkin about...sheeesh

so I have decided that I love the wild hair but I have to get a scarf to cover it the next time i have to go to the ER so I dont get treated like I have the plague...then I think the best part will be when I leave stopping at the nurses station and taking it off....I can imagine the looks on their faces...

wheeeee what fun!

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I smiled at the idea of your red hair. Good for you, for having such fun, and shame on them for ignoring you! My best friend colored her hair BRIGHT red in honor of the Cardinals when they were on a roll a few years ago. A friend of ours commented on how 'unnatural' it looked--I told her that was the point! Lighten up and have some fun.

:) Kelly

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Consider yourself "world wise" rather than an oddity!

When we were in Russia, we saw lots of professional career women with deep shades of hair color--orange, deep red, majenta, etc.

However, if you decide to pierce your eyebrow and lip, then maybe you would deserve a few second glances! :wink:

Have fun with it!


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I took my Dad to the treatment center today to get a PET scan so while I hung out in the lobby to wait for him to get radioactive an be scanned one of the older ladies waiting for her daughter asked me if my WIG was very hot LMAO.... it made for pleasant conversation to wile away the hour and a half...

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I absolutely LOVE what you did! I'm more of the scared one when it comes to coloring my hair. I stick to the boring blonde with higlights. LOL. My hubby used to have differnt color hair all the time. He's Latino & sometimes it's difficult to completely change his hair color. But he's done it.....Including a green mohawk when he was younger. He used to do burgundy black in the summer. Now he sticks to the Blue Black to cover the grey! LOL

It bothers me that the medical staff wouldn't respect you enough to direct coversation at you. get over it dr.s!!! Man! Geeesh....

I know my mom would like to have her hair done since it's been a while...is it ok to have highlights or color done during chemo????

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