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Zometa Pain?


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My sister just called. (She lives at home yet.) She was worried because when she got home from work my mom was on the couch almost in tears because of severe pain in her thigh area (Both thighs). She asked my sister to get her pain pills. So I called my mom and asked her about it. She said it seems to have really gotten bad since her Zometa transfusion last Thursday. I noticed yesterday when I saw her she seemed a little uncomfortable but I guess today was really bad. She said she worked all day and was okay but when she got home it was bad. She sits all day at work so I am wondering if all the sitting and then standing and moving around caused her joints to be achey. I am hoping this is a side effect of the zometa. It seems like it has been one thing after another lately and it is starting to make me nervous. I guess the PET on Wednesday will answer most of my questions conclusively but right now I am just looking for some peace of mind.

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My mom also experiences pain after the Zometa infusion, sometimes in the legs, sometimes joints. Between that and the Neulasta shots, she does take pain meds for a few days after which seem to help. I have a cousin who has also received Zometa infusions and has had similar side effects. I hope that gives you a little piece of mind. I know how hard it is to watch your loved one go through so much pain and feel helpless to ease it. I will pray that your mom finds relieve and feels better soon. And fingers crossed tightly for Wednesday's PET.

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Bill has been on Zometa since March 07 for bone metastasis and in the beginning had achey and flu-like symptoms after the infusion for about 2 days. Now, he has no symptoms after infusion. Mom should be getting a CMP monthly to keep check on the kidney function.

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