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Help! please


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Don't know who could help me

so I come here to try to get

some ideas.

I'm moving soon, glad to move

but the neighbors where I live

(160 apartments) were always cold

and unfriendly to me since my husband

died.........why? I don't know.

Now that they learned that I'm moving

all they want to know is where I'm

going and why I'm leaving..........

I don't want to give them my new address,

tell them where I'm moving or why.

Except telling them

''None of your business''

what could I say

I want to keep it cool and funny

if possible.

I start moving in two weeks but

my lease here finish end of November

(I fix one room at the time in my

new place) so???????????

any idea??


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Thank you,

Travelling sounds good, first

I'll be travelling from here

to my new place = the truth,

as for the address it is so new

there is still no zip code for

it.......and they are changing

the name of the street soon.



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Thank you,

I already pass for a bit of a gypsy.

I'm buying new furniture (will be deliver

at the new place)and already gave

the guest bedroom and dining

room sets away and some people saw

the furniture going to the Salvation

Army, so Gypsy nun sounds good.

Will try it and tell the result!!!!


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