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Where is Kasey?


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Hey............I am here!!!! Guess my mouth is so big that when it's quiet for a bit folks notice :wink::lol::? !!!! Ellie is right.....I'm doing just fine. Thanks for checking up on me though, Jackie! Guess I've just been out and about more than usual, that's all!



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Now Jackie......the Pub is ALWAYS open even if there is no special invitation. It seemed many were away this weekend so it's been sort of lonely :? . So hey, anybody out there, come on in and spend part of Labor Day weekend with us at the Pub :lol: ! Sounds like a great idea. So Jackie, no bed early tonight, ya hear :wink: ????

Kasey (Management)

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Well if we are havin BBQ can you gues where the pig went?? Somebody better show with Potato salad and slay and corn on the cob for sides!!!!!! :lol:8)

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