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If somebody can help me


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Us you all know since september I am Stage IV. My test last month where exelent, I am feeling great almost always. Depression is my big enemmy & the fear of cancer caming back.

What really mean Stage IV, My health is perfect exept that I have LC. What do we expect?? still feeling good or our health start going down the hill ??? Our cancer can stop for a while or will came backevery three month???

Plase if somebody can answer this questions Ill be mas tranquila.

Thanks a million

love bucky :?

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Take the second question first its the easiest. Expect to feel great keep on doing what you always do. Don't let Cancer run your life. Its not worth it at all. If your health does go downhill then we deal with that when it happens. IT ain't gonna happen soon though!!!! :):) You go for the checkups and see what happens. Always hope for the best results.

This is a link that explains staging in detail and what means what.


When you read this remember, each person is different The quoted survival rates mean nothing. THere are many here who have outlived the diagnosis and the amount of time given to them by their Med Staff. Nnumbers is numbers and only God knows when yours is up, not the doctors and Med Staff.

the heck with dancer do what you want to do. Don't let the Fear dictate your life. Enjoy the ride!! :)

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Hey Bucky my friend,

I'm a little confussed after reading your message, but I think your just wanting to talk about your fears of being stage IV? Am I right my friend?

Are you having one of those fearful days today and it's just kind of overwhelming you? ((((BUCKY))))

Bucky, having stage IV lung cancer means, 1. Your still a lung cancer SURVIVOR, and 2. That it CAN be TREATED and you CAN live a new NORMAL LIFE.

I was a stage IIIB and as you know that is concidered late stage, just like Stage IIIA, and IV is. But, the only thing YOU AND I have to think about is TODAY. If We feel GOOD today, that's ALL THAT MATTERS! Because today is ALL WE HAVE ANYWAY!

The ups and downs and fears of being a lung cancer survivor are crazy sometimes. They can DRIVE us CRAZY is that's all we think about and talk about. We need to get cancer off our minds now and then and try and think happy thoughts and positivie things. (easy to do at times) but baby steps is what we have to take sometimes as we journey through the ins and outs of being a lc survivor.

It's okay to talk about it, and you know we are here for you always, I just want you to take one hour a day and talk about something happy, something other then cancer. It really helps to do that and it really gets us through the rough spots.

Maybe having a phone buddy would work better for you? Have you thought of that? I would be proud to be a phone buddy with you. We can PM one another our phone numbers if you would like to do that?


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These folks already gave you the facts, all I can offer is more encouragement.

This is called the Survivor's Board because that's what we are. We're here, they're here and you're here and many of these folks have beat the odds by a wide margin. There's no end to the possibilities but it takes the will and strength to keep on keeping' on. We know you have both and will continue to pray for your success in beating this.


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I was diagnosed at Stage IV one year ago and I feel better today than I did back then. I'm probably in better shape too as I try to get to the gym 3-4 days per week. My advice is to try to put that label in the back of your mind and just try to rejoice in your relative good health. No one knows how much time they have...even people without lung cancer...

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Bucky, you're a friend to so many of us here - I hope that you will lean on us as much as necessary. "Stage 4" is nothing more than words. I wonder if that person who made the recent negative comment to you started this worry?

You are a vibrant person with much life left to live. As you mention, you feel well. What a blessing!

Please take it one day a time, and be 'mas tranquila'.

Love, Mary Colleen

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I agree with John that this is the SURVIVORS FORUM and that as survivors we can also share our thoughts and fears openly on this forum with other lung cancer survivors.

I'm not going to sit here and tell you that all will be better, because that fear never really goes away, however it does soften some as well as it comes and goes. I know how much it helps to talk to others that are walking this jounrey. We're here for you.

I'll PM you my phone number.

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