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I'll NEVER get caught up!


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Hi All,

I'll never get caught up!!!

Well, my pain has lessened considerably. *yea*

I'll see my oncologist tomorrow to decide on chemos.

Nov 5 I go to The Barrows Institute to get 4 screws put in my vertebrae. They will give the CyberKnife a relative placement. BTW, has anyone had CyberKnife?

Here is the most interesting fact: I had a CT scan about a month previous. It showed I was still cancer free when in fact I actually had a tumor totally filling my spinal column (at T-1, T-2). It had degraded the vertebrae so badly, that the neurosurgeon had to build them up and fuse them. I now have titanium rods and such to keep everything in place. A MRI picked up the tumor easily! It had been growing as long as I had the pain—at least 6 months, probably more!

Bottom line: CT scans don't do the job. I now plan on having MRIs.

I'll update everyone as things progress.


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So glad to find your post tonight, Judy!! So sorry for all youve been going through.

PET scan missed my father's spread to supraclavicular node, surgeon felt it at the 11th hour days before surgery. He will now have IMRT. Surgeon said if he ever saw enough shrinkage he would consider surgery again.

Its scary that we rely on these tests, but they could be so wrong.

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I am curious...did you have a bone scan?? My mom has been having horrible pain in her back. The bone scan showed what her oncologist thinks is an osteoperatic break. He said it will take a few weeks to heal. The pain doesn't seem to be subsiding. I am wondering if I should push for further tests.

I have been thinking about you and glad you are back posting. Take care of yourself. Blessings to you.

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Judy, Judy, Judy,

I am so glad to see you back posting.

This whole process is scary. When the onc. first called to say the Earl's LC had met to the liver, he said it was untreatable and he would start him on Iressa.

Well, quiet little me read that usually Iressa is only started if two different chemo regimens had not worked. My goodness, Earl had only had Taxotere. At the onc. appt. when I brought this up, the onc said, Oh yes, well then let's do Carbo/Taxol. When I faxed him the next day about how Celebrex seems to boost the effectiveness of this chemo combo, he said, Why yes, you are right, here is an RX for Celebrex.

While I do trust this dr. and especially Fox Chase Cancer Center, why did I have to be the one to bring up this info. I don't know.


I wish you much success with your ongoing treatments. With your fighting spirit you have the upper hand.


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