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Dads scans


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He has been on Tarceva, doesn't have the rash, had some "finger peeling" effects

Seems that this is not working either. Many of the densities seem to be larger or more dense. I just don't know what will or can be next. Unfortunately I cannot be there on Monday at the Drs appt :( ... My mom was upset on the phone w/ me tonight - she just is hoping we can find something to give him time and strength until January (my son's bar mitzvah). I'm sad thinking about this now (hence why I am up at 2:30)

What really could be next? We tried traditional chemos, trials, Alimta and now Tarceva. Any insights much appreciated ....

He also had a Xray of the abdomen, however the study was limited because of the IV contrast (from the CT). This was done because the dr thought he might have kidney stones (?). Mild prostatic elargement, elevation of the base of the bladder (which is probably traveculated - what ever that means).

I think there is another test going to happen for his prostate next week.

And as if this wasn't enough I had a full day myself. I had a thyroid biopsy and even with a local I started to faint not once, but twice. My heart rate and blood pressure really went down and they had to give me an IV and then atropen (or however its spelled) Plus they could only find one of the 2 spots (ok so that could be good right ...)

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Thanks Rich. My parents met w/ the onc. today. He said my dad is not a candidate for Avistan. He can try Navebline or a phase 1 trial. He can' thave anything for 3 more weeks until the Tarceva is out of his system. They will meet w/ the phase 1 docs in 2 weeks. Unfortunately, again I will be on the road so it looks like I won't make that one either :( Thanks so much for the suggstions and thanks to everyone for your support.


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