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Newbie question..please help.

Guest Marcie

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Mom (64yrs)will have a lobectomy next month. ( mass is the size of a plum). Although no signs of the cancer spreading showed up on the

PET scan, there are very small specks on her liver that will be checked in 4 months to see if they have grown. They are too small for a biopsy and could be cysts.

Her lymph nodes aren't enlarged which is hopeful because enlarged lymph nodes are a sign it has spread(doc said), but if the spreading is microscopic, then they wouldn't be enlarged, so it's not a sure sign, but hopeful..He will tell us more when he goes in next month.

My question is..how common are benign cysts on the liver? And have any of you with lung cancer or knew of someone with lung cancer that had spots on the liver that were cysts and not cancerous?

Thank goodness for this board! Ive never known anyone with cancer, I always thought it happens to other people, it doesn't run in our family where everyone is a heavy smoker and lived long lives. Mom quit 10 years ago...the past few weeks have been hell..you are all so strong. I've read all the posts,I'm simply amazed by everyone's courage!

Bless your hearts!

And Lauri, you're a dear person, I hope mom is hanging in there.


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I had a lobectomy 3 years ago, and I have a spot in my liver they believe is a cyst. They keep track of it on my routine scans, to make certain it does not change. I also have a spot on my hip, but this too doesn't change. They observe.

If your doctor or your mother are worried about spread, sometimes prophylactic chemotherapy is recommended. Ask about it.

Visit us often, and be comforted by the fact that you are not alone. There are a lot of people involved on the front lines of this da^^ disease, and we support each other here. You aren't alone.

As for brave? I for one had two choices. I could hide under the bed where every second seemed five hundred years long and quake in terror, or I could just face it and put one foot in front of the other and take one day at a time. I decided to be active in my fight against this disease, and for my own recovery from the procedures. Everyone has different coping mechanisms. I guess what I am trying to say is, we all do what we have to do.

Warm regards,


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My husband has two hepatic cysts on his liver. One on the right and one on the left. Then he had scans that shows two mets. Then another scan that showed only the cysts, then a pet test that didn't show any prob and now again a new scan shows two mets. this has really been a nightmare as far as scans go. Per the new onc, scans are only 65% correct and Pet is 90% correct however, it is according to how the scan is taken and who is reading it as i have learned. Per the colon dr today, he feels there are two mets in the liver too and he again told me that the reason for the on again off again is that it has to do with how the scan is taken and the body inside is working. Movement inside can also hide what is going on.

Sure hope your mom has better scans than my Buddy....and her body reacts better to the scans. I figure my husband's liver must do somersaults when the scans start.

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Hi, Marcie! :)

I want to say that I am glad to see you here, but the truth is, I wish nobody had to be here. I am really glad to see that you are here finding support from others like me in the same boat and gathering information. You are right, the past 2 to 3 weeks have been hell for me, too. But it has been a great help to not feel alone. We have to be strong for our moms. Gaining knowledge and support go a long way in that department.

I'm really glad that your mom's doctor seems to think that the cancer has not really spread and that surgery is being done next month. Your mother is on her way to beating this monster and I wish her the best with the surgery! I know you love her very much and will do everything you can to help her along.

My mom came home from the hospital today and has approximately 80% of her strength back. When I was visiting her at home, she was busy and getting ready for Halloween even as she was holding her sides and wincing in pain. I had to smile thinking "she's back!". I'm sure her doctor and her will talk about treatment options very soon. He's waiting for her strength and fighting spirit to be intact and 100%, I know now, and can see how important that is for her.

Keep posting...it's the best part of the internet...we need to support each other and share information, opinions, or just ramble on...(which I am VERY good at...lol).

Take care,


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Hello Marcie;

Welcome and so sorry to hear about your mom but glad you found us. I also had the small cysts on the liver. They removed my left lung almost 2 and 1/2 years ago and did follow up scans 3 months later. They showed up on the CT scan so they did a follow up MRI. They were calcified deposits. I was told it was not uncommon to have them. Yes, it was a huge relief. :roll::roll: The waiting and wondering can drive you nuts with this disease. But, it does get easier with time. Just try to stay busy and take it one day at a time.

Sounds like your mom will be one of the lucky one's as she will be operated on. It's certainly not a piece of cake but it is doable, please let her know were here if she needs us and keep us up to date. No one should go through this alone.

God bless, be well and hang in there

Bobmc- NSCLC- stageIIB- left pneumonectomy- 5/2/01

" absolutely insist on enjoying life today!"

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Thankyou all so much for your insight and information.


Your link was especially helpful..I did a Google, but must have missed it..thankyou!

Bob and MaryAnn:

Thankyou for the information...Of course, this is what I want to hear and hope for..I can only hope for the best. MaryAnn, I have made a note about the chemo you mentioned and will bring this up to the doctor, thankyou so much..

And Bob, from what Ive read here on the boards, I do feel lucky she can be operated on....very lucky, and I hope the surgery goes smoothly. She is so afraid, but still smiles thru her tears .. and is concerned when she will be able to go back to work because a few employees are scheduled for vacations and she wants to make sure her office isnt understaffed..she is always thinking of other people, even through this ordeal.

Im glad to hear your both doing well .. it gives me hope.


'I figure my husband's liver must do somersaults when the scans start'.

This is what Im afraid of, as the doctor said twice that the Pets are the best but not 100%. You two are going through so much, bless your heart for taking the time to post, I appreciate the information and its so kind of you to help everyone with your many posts.


Im so glad to hear mom is home and up and around ! And that she has 80% of her strength back. I will be caring for mom after her surgery and was curious as to how long it would be before she will be able to move around. I know she'll be in the hospital for about 5 days. Thankyou for your support the past couple of weeks, you helped me a great deal!

Please stay in touch !!

Thankyou again everyone! And thankyou to this site!!

I can really only lurk at this point, as I don't have any experience to share until mom's surgery Thanksgiving week.. but if I have helpful info, Ill jump in..


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