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Gratitude - September 10th 2007


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Monday and a new week,

Grateful that I'll get two

crotisone injections this week,

so will be able to write and

use my hands.

Grateful that I'm bilingual

and able to read all the news

about new treatments for lc on

this forum and still see the

small print on the regulations

for drugs in this country.

Quebec is the only French province

and always behind in cancer treatment.

Avastin will be available to some

patients when their annual income

is below $75,000. not what we wanted

but it is a start.

But (another one) the law forgot to

write ''family income'' so the news

to night will cover this oversight

and may make the drug available to more



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I'm grateful for my wonderful neighbors and friends, Megan and Mike, who shared some wine and conversation with me earlier. They saw us through the entire ordeal, and I'm so grateful for them today.

I'm also grateful for my "puppy," Mrs. Dickens, who is like living with a very animated human, and keeps the house "alive."

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I'm grateful that I'm still here to be grateful for so many things-- that through it all life still goes on. I still enjoy being with my wife, daughter doing things and I do not let my cancer (nor would I ever) get in the way or loss sight that I'm still a husband, father first and foremost. The HELL with cancer there is life to live!

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