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Need to take a break


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:lol: Heidi :lol: !

I am proud of your mom for knocking some sense into you, girl!!!! I took a break for only a couple of days not too long ago. I had intended to stay away longer, but bless Jackie's heart.......she came looking for me and made me realize that I guess we just can't please all the folks here all the time so my hiatus was very shorlived.

We all want to celebrate your mother's wonderful progress and survival.....EVERYONE here. So hop back in here with both feet. We are so happy to welcome you back!



PS: Give mom a great big pat on the back and HUG from me for knocking you around! That's what mother's are for, afterall :wink: !

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I'm late, but as I started reading this thread, I thought "Oh No! PLEASE don't stop posting".

I'm "so happy I could spit", :D when I read of someone that is doing well! You don't know how it lifts my spirits.

I come here to read the "News", first thing in the morning, and when I see a happy post, it helps set my mood for the day, so please stay!

And "Yayyyy for Heidi's Mom "!!!!! Not only that she's doing well, but that she sent Heidi to her room for a "Time-Out"!! :wink:

Take care, and thank you!


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Glad that you decided to stay on board.

I understand how sometimes things

may get misread and feelings hurt on this web-site-I too had that happen way way back some time ago but decided I get way to much out of this site and have way to much to give back with my Mom's story - so I say just ignore anyone who makes you feel anything but wonderful!!! about your Mom's survival and the story that you can share with others. You can't please everyone all the time and remember you don't have too!!

Have a great day!!!


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We had a discussion something like this several months ago. A member was hesitant to post his/her latest scan results, which were excellent, because that same week there was disappointing news from several others who had joined the group about the same time. They felt that if they posted happy news there might be resentment, envy, or some other hard-to-anticipate reaction.

The general consensus was that if you don't feel comfortable starting a good news thread in the midst of a lot of bad news, then don't. But keep your profile updated with your latest results and respond to the comments and questions of other members, especially new members, with the focus on their situation rather than your own. That approach can also be used if your own news is disappointing and you want people who are following your profile updates to be aware, but you aren't looking for a string of responses directed to your own situation.

Most of the time, good news posts and bad news posts are very appropriate -- that's one reason for the site. But when it just doesn't feel right, or if a member is exceptionally busy and doesn't have time to read or post, an up-to-date profile is far better than nothing.



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Remember Welcome Back Kotter (not sure if that was before your time of not) but here a a lyric from their song.

Welcome back

Welcome back

Welcome back!!

So glad for your mom!! Keep that good news coming!

Maryanne :wink:

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