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Well today we had a 6 wk check up for my grandpa since we have finished his chemo & radation.... we have made it over one hurdle...we gained 4lbs!!! He has an appitie back & he is moveing around more. We will go on Oct 10 for another cat scan & get the results on the 12th. I know what everyone means about when you are done with treatment or there is a break how you do feel they are normal. I have to say being a care taker is so hard & this website has helped me to get through this time. I will keep everyone updated & we will need a lot prayers for the test results. Thanks BRandy

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Hello Brandy,

Start of the road is done,

well done with the gain ot weight.

Prayers you can ask will be glad

to send some. They are always there

and in some ways they help.

October will be next hurdle, so

keep us posted before and after

the test.

Before to ask prayers, mine will be there

and after to give us news.

Good luck GrandPa and to you.


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Waiting for test results can be very hard on everyone. I hope you get a good result. It the meantime it is ok to live life as "normally" as possible. We are in such a period with my Mom now. Sometimes I feel like I should be waiting for the other shoe to drop, but then I remind myself that this is what life is all about--LIVING!


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