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getting to know you- October 16th by RandyW


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What is the first thing that gets you to smile in the Morning??

First cup of coffee under the rising morning sun!! watching Mocha be funny outside!!!!!!

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Before I was diagnosed, I would have said my daughters, but now I would have to say just the fact that I woke up, because that means I am still alive and I have been given another day :D . Not that my daughters don't still put a smile on my face, but we all know that none of us are guaranteed another day.


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Add my name to the coffee list :!: I really wouldn't say that it makes me smile. It just makes me want to get started on the day. I think what makes me smile each morning is the sound of the Canadian Geese flying overhead. The migrate from one place in the morning to another in the evening. You can hear them long before you see them. I think I could set my clock by them. They always make me smile :)

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It depends on the day of the week. During the weekdays, my first smile probably comes later when I get my first morning breaks. Being on a diet forever, I look forward to those small moments when I'm allowed to treat myself to a snack.

On weekends the smiles come early when I wake up and realize that I can roll over and sleep just a while longer. I really am not a morning person at all. :lol:

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