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So Sad


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I am crying off and on all day today. My dad passed yesterday a month ago, and I feel worse now then ever! Nevermind that I am dealing with my Aunt who has cancer and have relatives on her side calling me a thief and krook - saying I stole Jewlery from her when I went and did the walk thru with the realtor (I am her POA). Anyway, I know my Dad is looking down and thinking, this is crazy. I can't deal with people thinking of me this way! It hurts and I can't even talk to my Dad about it! That makes me so mad!

Sorry, and thanks for letting me vent.

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It's always so upsetting to me how complicated things get with families and illness and losing of a loved one.

It really does suck.

My family issues did not run so deep...although they were/are there.

But I know Mom knew I always had her best interests at heart, and if others didn't absorb that...too bad.

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