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yes he is a veteran... he served 2 yrs in the Army... but I dont know if he is eligable for any benefits because of how his discharge date was done released 2days short of the actual 2 yrs required ...or something like that....I dont know if its something that makes a difference LOL

should I be contacting the veterans administration??

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it certainly never hurts to inquire with them. he also may be eligible for medical care at a VA hospital if needed. years ago when my father was sick and we were in financial trouble, my brother and i took him to a VA hospital. my father was a US citizen but served in the canadian air force during WWII. i said to my brother - will they treat him? he said, only one way to find out. i sat with dad while my brother talked to the folks about the paper work, but in the end, they saw my dad and admitted him and gave him the best care i could ask for until he passed away. so i guess the point is, i don't understand how the VA works, so it is worth calling and talking to some folks. :) good luck!

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