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Just came home from the Hospital


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I'm sorry I have not been around. I just spent 6 days in the hospital with Atrial Fibrillation. I had gone there for a CT scan and when the technician stuck a needle in my wrist for the IV I had a panic attack then an asthma attack and my heart rate went over 230. Anyhow 6 days later I feel good but will be on heart meds from now on.

My cancer luckily is still only in the adrenal gland. grew slightly but not much to alarm my oncologist. I'm calling Cyberknife next to see if they are willing to go after it. I'm soo glad to be home and so grateful I have not yet lost my job. Thank you lord!!


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Welcome Home Lily! I was wondering where you went too. WOW, that really stinks being in for 6 days and now your on heart meds too? (welcome to my ishy world)! :roll: I'm glad to hear your on the mend. Hope you'll be 100% soon. Let us know about the Cyberknife. Keeping my fingers and toes crossed for you.

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Lilly--So glad to hear from you, I had been wondering how you were. I'm glad to hear that you are home from the hospital--it must have been pretty scary for your heart to start acting up. I hope you can do the cyberknife. Get rid of that tumor and everything else will probably calm down too.

I'll keep you on the prayer list,


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Oh Lilly!!

I'm so sorry to hear of this new twist. Please be very careful with monitoring that whole A-fib thing. Heart rate of 230?? Zow! :shock: Makes one wonder how suddenly this happens out of the blue.

Glad you are home and I hope you get good news for being a cyber-knife candidate. Behave yourself and keep us posted. :D



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Oh Lily...I am so sorry honey....enough already....Just happy you are home and feeling good...and I guess you have to do what you have to do with the meds....what ever it takes....Glad to hear the C news was not all that bad...My thoughts and prayers are alway's with you...


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