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November 8 was the one year anniversary of my fathers passing. It has been a long and hard couple of years. My dads brothers and sisters all went to my moms house, they visitted the bench we had erected for my dad. Then in true native north american indian spirit, they had a feast of buffalo and venison. Some of my dads close friends came too. I could only talk on the phone with them, because I am in Korea. They told stories about him, shared special memories. My mom drank too much wine I think. I miss him so much, and it still seems like yesterday. I love you dad. You will never be forgotten and I think about you everyday, and I am trying so hard to make you proud of me. I hope he visits me in my dreams tonight. Mirrell

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Mirrell, it is odd ins't it how time can pass like that yet the memory of the events seem so fresh???

To talk about the good times is the best thing that can be done, and i believe anyone of our loved ones who lost their battle would want that! and i bet your dad is already prouder of you then you could imagine!!!


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