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What happens next?

Guest Sally

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Sorry to keep bothering you with all the questions but I was wondering if anyone could help me ...

My brother hasn't had any "treatment" since July 25th. He is due for a check-up shortly to see how he's doing. Although they only detected the cancer in his lung, diaphragm, and that whole area, they suspect it came from elsewhere.

They did tests on his stomach and colon but they came back clear. The doctors said that he didn't want to do anymore searching as there was no point really as firstly, it would only depress to actually know its somewhere else, and secondly, the chemo would hit it anyway. We were happy with this.

His oncologist is going to base all his treatments on how he is feeling physically, etc. Is this okay? I know his age is a huge factor in all of this so no real plan has been put into place as he's quite strong. The oncologist has an excellent reputation and has worked in all the top hospitals in London, UK so we all trust his judgement.

So has anyone else had the same experience i.e. no real plan, just wait and treat..?


He'll be home tomorrow night - can't wait to see him

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Hi Sally,

No bother at all. That's why we are all here. I was first diagnosed in May 2002. The plan was to have monthly CT scans to keep an eye on it after my diagnoses. I did not start chemo until (which I’m still on) Dec 2002. My doctor told me that a lot of people live with the desease if there is no side affects since mine started out at an advanced (IV) stage. That any treatment I receive was for palliative care to manage the disease for quality of life for as long as possible. I’ve never been in any pain too this day. Have not even lost any hair, just got thinner and a lot grayer. Not even my (I could eat even if I was in a coma) appetite. My only complaint is I’m always fatigued and tired. There’s no getting around that. I did get a second opionion, which was the same as the first as far as treatment goes to ease my mind. I would still want to know if I had cancer somewhere else? Because I would wonder if the same chemo to treat lung cancer also works on a different cancer at the same time? Did you get a second opinion? He is very young so that would also make a differences. And I know how someone feels plays a role also in the decision-making. I also spend a lot of time on the internet finding out as much as possible about lung cancer. Hope this helps. Take care and God bless.

Rich :lol::lol::lol::lol:

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Thanks for getting back to me so fast. Your situation sounds a lot like my brothers. Suffers from fatigue, etc but generally doing well (thank you God). What did you mean when you said you were still receiving chemo (since last December?) :oops:

We have been told that the chemo he is receiving would be effective on wherever else he has it.

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I started out in Dec 2002 thru March 2003 with 9 rounds of Gemzar and Carboplatin. Not effective nodules grew more. Took April and May off to recoup. Started 9 rounds of Taxol from June 2003 until August 2003. My Ct scan at the end of August showed some nodules disappeared, some grew smaller, developed new ones. But all are very small. Also Adrenal Glands Smaller. Was encouraging news. Opted not to take anytime off to recoup and started 9 more rounds in September, which I have finished 6 rounds and have 3 more rounds to go before my next Ct Scan.


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Just a toss regarding possible primary cancer....at his YOUNG age, have they looked at testicular cancer? My 11 y/o is now being screened for it, my doctor has seen it in boys as young as 13...it's more prevalent in teens and early 20s...

(I'm on the "wait and see" list...radiation, no chemo except Iressa trial that has been stopped.)


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It sounds like they know what cell type it is, and likely what chemos to try if they could diagnose nsclc I would suspect it had been biopsied (?). So, if they know what works on the cells they know about, if they're not primary the chemo should be just as effective on the cells they can't find, ie the suspected primary.

Surgery isn't an answer if there's cancer cells in the pleural fluid, but chemo could help.

Your brother is young, and otherwise healthy, so he has every chance of experiencing a miracle if the chemo is effective.

Believe in miracles, and be of strong faith.

Miracles happen every day. I am one.

God bless and keep you all close.


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Wow, thanks for getting back to me so fast. Thank you so much. I was worrying that my brother was missing out on something. I see you received Taxol twice. Again, I didn't think it was possible to use the same chemo drug twice - I'm learning so much. Please keep in touch.

Snowflake, I guess none of use thought of testicular cancer. But you're right. I did read that it was really prevalent in young men. So sorry to hear that you're 11 year old (wow!) is being tested. Hope you get good news from the doctor.

Thank you so much,


x :wink:

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Phew! Glad to hear that it was only a check-up :D

Thanks for the support MaryAnn. I was just replying to the others when your message appeared. I am starting to believe in miracles... 8)

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As Mary Ann said, believe in miracles. I also have received a miracle. The tumor I was diagnosed with in March 03 was 17cm. I received taxol/carboplatin and radiation, shrunk to 8cm in May. Off chemo til July 23rd, started taxol/carbo, finished Oct. 27th. Had 4, 3 wk treatments. In between had pneumonia (4 days in hospital.) Pulmonary doctor looked at my x-rays thought tomor growing, did a broncoscopy 10-16. Couldn't find tumor and biopsy came back negative. Oncologist will be doing Pet scan in about 3-4 weeks.

I give thanks every day to my Lord for my healing. He gets all the glory, He led my doctors to heal me and it is a miracle. I am truly blessed... Just keep the faith and believe and our prayers will be answered.

God Bless to you and your brother :)


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