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heavy load


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I am his daughter.

Jan 8 my dad had xrays

xray showed dark spot on rt lung.

the next week he had a cat scan that showed fluid on lungs and lower lobe of rt lung fully collasped. 2 lliters of fluid was drawn from his rt lung.

some relief with the fluid removal.

pet scan shows 3 masses with lymph nodes and adrenal gland involved.

no surgery possible.

decides on chemo and radiation.

first treatment goes well. nausea and vomiting on days 2 and 3. otherwise feeling good.

gets weak on and off.but continues to work in the yard and goes wherever he wants.

I have just moved in with my parents to help with thier care. Dad has stage 3b lung cancer and mom has fibromyalgia. And my 8yr has ADHD. Mom and dad are unable to work. My husband and I are seperated. He can not move for another 30 days.

I don't know how long dad has to live.

Mom is a nervous wreck.

My daughter is bouncing off the walls.

I am holding on.

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I am so sorry about all you have served up on your plate right now. I took a look at your first two posts, as I couldn't remember. Might I suggest that you fill out a Profile like we all have beneath our names. You sort of have it in this post. By doing that, those who wish to respond can tell at a glance what the story is on your dad. Just go to My Profile that you find at the top of this page in the purple, follow the directions, and submit.

You certainly must be feeling the stress. I don't have any real good strategies for you other than to step back, take some deep breaths, and do what you can. You have lots of balls to be juggling......maybe by coming here we can at least be an ear when you need one. Do what you can ~ one step at a time. Many here will support you.


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Wow. Please know that we will be here to answer any questions or just to listen if you need to vent. Somehow I think you might need to vent!

Ask you dad's doctor about his anti-nausea meds. They can do a pretty good job of controlling that so it should be one less thing you would have to worry about.


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I am not sure what to say at this point.

Second chemo treatment has gone well. Dad's doctor gave him antinausea medication this time for the first three days after treatment. Well, on day 4 he started getting nauseas.

He is still going strong. Keeping busy with everything he can think to do. He gets tired and has to sit and rest. Sometimes go to bed and sleep. He started losing his hair and he got mom to just shave him bald. My daughter thinks this is funny. She say now he looks like daddy.

I am going crazy. My husband is still in Texas and I am in Mississippi. It does not look like we will be able to be together any time soon either.

Mom is trying to keep active with dad which is causing her lost of physical pain with the fibromyalgia.

They have no insurance and no income at this point. Disability has been filed but no answer.

I am the only person working. Got a pretty good job with opportunities for advancement.

It is getting later and I don't get much time to get on the puter.

Next update coming soon.

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Wow!! You do certainly have a lot on your plate right now to be stressing you out!! I am so sorry for you and wish there was something more I could do for you other than to let you know that the beginning of this horrid journey is usually the most stressful. I hate to say this, but after I while, it becomes our way of life, our "new normal" as we call it.

Have you checked with the social workers at the center where your dad is getting his chemo. Maybe he could be eligible for some type of help within the home which would help you out. Are there any senior centers in your community that could bring in meals while you are at work?? Any little kind of assistance I am sure would really help you out right now.

In the meantime, know that we are here for you. Come here to cry, to vent, to rant and rave if you need to - we will all be here for you.

Wishing you strength - Patti B.

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I can remember the first few weeks of treatment and how stressed i was with a 2 yearold, so i can tell you that it will get a little easier and less stressful. Once you get your routine down it will be amazing how much of a superwoman you can be. Good luck and you are in my prayers and thoughts

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