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New here- father with stage IV NSCLC


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I have been lurking and reading a lot, but it is now time to post. I tried to fill out my profile, so hopefully that will work. My dad was officially diagnosed with poorly differentiated adenocarcinoma last October 12th. I am an only child and he moved out to be near us and our four kids in Colorado ahead of my mom's retirement next March. At diagnosis we had to make a huge family decision about whether or not he should stay here or go back and live with mom. Ultimately, mom said it was easier for her to regularly travel here than for us and our four kids to go there. Luckily her work has been wonderful and she has a great deal of leave saved up. She has been reading here as well, and I suppose she may start posting at some point.

Dad is currently on Avastin maintenance and we are waiting for the first post chemo scan results. He decided not to do the last chemo treatment and start the maintenance early because of increasingly bad side affects. I forgot to mention in my profile that he had a melanoma removed in 1987 and then was treated for Colon Cancer in 2000. I believe it was stage III but I will have to verify that with mom. It has been rough to see him have to go through this again.

Anyway, I just want to say that I am really inspired by the strength I see here and look forward to being a part of your community.


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Welcome, Erin. I'm glad you have joined us. I'm impressed with how quickly he was able to have those tests, scans, etc. done and get a diagnosis. We've had some people here recently find that it took months and months. Your dad has far too much experience with cancer. :cry:

If you have any questions or need anything (that we can provide over the internet) please let us know. Hoping his scan on the 7th is good. Please let us know about that.


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Thank you for the welcome. I didn't realize at the time that he had all those tests done so quickly. I was prompted to register finally by a post in the General section regarding someone in Denver who was not getting timely treatment. Apparently the lung nodule clinic here has a policy of seeing all referrals in less than one week at which time any additional tests are scheduled. They then have their entire team of different specialists meet several times a week to review charts and test results on each of their patients. Then they can direct the patiant to the proper treatment without them having to go to several doctors. Their goal is to have patients receive treatment within two weeks of referral. I am incredibly impressed with the whole process.

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Hi Erin-

Sorry you had the need to find us but glad you are here.

Sounds like your dad's treatment team is really being proactive for him - thats great!!

Please keep us updated on his progress. Ask any questions you have, vent to us, whatever. We are here for you!!

Hugs - Patti B.

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Hi, Erin, welcome to the group! I'm just over a year ahead of your dad on this trip and started with the same chemo regimen. After 6 cycles of Taxol/Carbo/Avastin I was definitely ready for Avastin alone, and I was starting to feel that way during the 5th cycle, so I certainly understand what you're saying about the buildup of side effects. Many oncologists feel that the benefits of Taxol/Carbo (with or without Avastin) have about played themselves out after 4 cycles, and after that the side effects start to overpower any remaining benefit to be gained. Here's a good OncTalk exchange answering my questions on that issue something over a year ago:

http://onctalk.com/2007/01/17/duration- ... ng-cancer/

I found Avastin alone to be very easy to tolerate, and the side effects I had experienced with Taxol/Carbo/Avastin gradually disappeared while I was on the maintenance therapy. My first scan after starting the Avastin alone treatment showed a further reduction in the tumor, and when it lost effectiveness it did so very gradually with plenty of time to decide the next step. When I switched to Tarceva in October 2007 my tumor was still smaller than it was at diagnosis in September 2006. I'm now stable on Tarceva.

Looking for good scan results for your dad next week! Aloha,


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Hello Erin

Welcome to the boards. I am sorry about your need to be here but glad you have found us and joined.

Let us know how we can help you and know that there will be someone here that is willing to answer your questions, offer advice and give you tons of support and hope!



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