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greensboro CAT results


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I had a CAT yeterday here in Greensboro because I have to see my onc here on Thursday. Since I am in the clinical trial in Duke, they wont do anything to me until middle of may when the trial is over. From October to yesterday the right supraclavicular limph node went from 6.7 x11.mm to 11.5 x17.7 mm.& The pulmonary nodules Incrise a little too. Do I have to worried??

I start paniquin again pretty bad & I hated.


love bucky

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I know what its like to feel panicky and probably nothing I say will make you feel it less. But remember that if it was too bad they would probably take you out of the trial and start you on something else right away. Have you talked to your docs about this??

Please know I am thinking about you. If you need to talk to someone, please PM me.

Sending you many hugs - Patti B.

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really you are my good friends!!!! Cheear me up even in the worst moments. I know I panic so easy but I am so atach to life....family & friends that scarred me a lot think that I can live to the other world.

hugs & love bucky

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show me one person who is not attached to the same things.. Remember tis is a trial and you are in GREAT hands. IF something does not seem right you will be back on protocol quick. You are a PIONEER and A Fighter. These are 2 very wonderful qualities to have right now. You could also be part of the next big thing in Lung cancer research for a cue you never know though. It is still early i the trial an sometimes the body takes a little time to acclimate top a new treatment or Medication. Hang Tough Bucky Always here PM if need to talk and I can shoot you my Phone number. After all we are neighbors practically!! :wink::)

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