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I will be moving a couple thousand miles to be closer to mom & dad in a few days. I am happy that I will be nearby to spend time, but also very scared of what the future will bring. Mom has been doing ok, her results from her first rounds of chemo have been positive. But her prognosis from the start was terminal(around her pulmonary artery), so I don't know what the best is to hope for. I just want as much time as I can have with her. I am trying to be optimistic, but am so very, very scared of what the future holds for us. I read about the end coming very quickly and don't really know how to prepare for that. My dad is very dependant on my mom and I am very scared for him too. Just needed to get that off my chest, Thanks!

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I am not sure there is really any way to prepare for this but I wanted to let you know I am thinking of you and am sending lots of prayers and positive thoughts to you and your parents. I think it is such a wonderful thing that you are moving closer to them.

The only "advice" I have is to make the most of each day with Mom. Take your cues from her. Let her know you love her and enjoy the time with your parents.

Sending you warm hugs


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What a wonderful, unselfish thing you are doing to be with your parents at this time. I am sure they are both so proud of you.

Of course you are scared. That is normal. But I am sure being near them will help you so much and will be helping them even more.

Come here often, we will help you if we can.

I wish you and your parents the best of luck. Please let us know if you need anything from us.

Hugs to you all - Patti B.

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On a positive note, every single day you wake up closer to your Mom is another day that you can make new memories together! :) Moving, not knowing what the future brings...yep, it's all very scary. But new memories that you will always have with you is a gift that not everyone can have!

You seem so brave, not scared! You're my inspiration for today!

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Now you got the big slap in the

face from the sickness waking you up.

After a bit of time with your parents,

you will get in a routine of day by

day, the *new you* we call.

You will adjust to the treatments the

ups the downs and will do a marvelous

job of it as you are doing the right

thing, moving to be near them.

You will get mad, you will get happy,

you will be where you are needed

with your parents.

We all had to learn from scratch about

facing lc.....no book prepared us for

the best or the worst, no case is the

same for feelings.

I repeat, one day at the time, you will

see how your Mom is feeling and make the

day around that.

Good day, have fun go out to eat, see a

movie (or rent one) do something she likes.

Bad day, just be there prepared to help

around, leaving her alone a bit and spend

time with Dad, you will fall in a routine

that will suit you all.

Good luck and don't forget we are here

for you.


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You are giving your mother a wonderful gift by being with her and giving her time with you. When I was diagnosed people kept asking what I wanted to do - where I wanted to go - and all I wanted to be was surrounded by my children. God bless you - my prayers are with you

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We understand how you feel and Jackie as always put it better than I ever could. I moved 7 miles across town to live with and take care of my Mom and I was terrified also. Bless you--you are doing a wonderful thing and you will be so glad that you did--as you can spend every minute available with her. I did, and I am grateful that I had that opportunity.

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I am sure that there is no way to prepare for it.......I tried, and I tried, and I talked to others and to myself, I read, I went to groups, and I got stronger and stronger, and still, the day my mother died, I felt like an abandoned 2 year old. But, I did live those last months with my mom as I wanted. We talked, we giggled, we cried, we touched, and we told each other our fears, our dreams...My mother died anyway, but I will always treasure the times we had together, even knowing each day might be the last.

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Congrats on a tough decision. Although, it wasn't really that tough was it. When I found out about my dad I was home within a month. Am giving my two weeks at work on Monday. There is nowhere in the world I would rather be than sitting here with him and sharing this.

It is scary and sad and a realm of emotions I didn't even know were possible. I echo what everyone else has said. You are given a great gift by being able to be there with your family. Enjoy it and take each day as it comes. There is nothing to do but think positive and enjoy the good days. Remember to take time for you too. I go for an hour run a day and that gets me out of the house and in my own world. Plus I can cry without worrying about upsetting him.

Don't lose sight that you have to keep strong for her and your dad.

I look forward to talking more with you. Please feel free to contact me if you need anything. My thoughts are with you and your family.

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