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it is comon


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Am not sure on radiation on that Bucky but, If the vaccine does not work there should be chemos available I.E. most of them. THey use vaccine in early stage to see if it works stand alone with nothing else interfering. If it does not work you should be going back to reg Chemo. The thing is wioth trials the Oncologist do not want anything to interfere and catvhing disease early sdo there are no other treatments going on is critical. THe problem here is it is difficult to diagnose early and this brings up whole new topics to discuss. But In a nutshell if Vaccine does not work you should be bsck on regular chemo though. Not sure about the Pleura question or problem though so..... Hugs and PRayers always Randy

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Thank you I was scarred that nothing can be done with the pleura if the vaccine did not work. Will see had to go to Duke on March 25 for my 2nd vaccine.Tommorrow back to Buenos Aires for 10 days to fix my mother disasters.

Hpe to see you all in Asville, is going to be so cool to meet all of you.

hugs bucky

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Gotta Love It she is worried and then says :shock: Off to Buenos Aires to help Mom!! :!: Love It!!! SHe is great that Bucky of ours!!! :wink::):):)

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