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Gratitude - March 18th 2008


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Same thing, my posts

just don't make it

after I submit them.

another try.

Good morning all,

Second day in a row with

beautiful sunshine, a

first here in this bleak

winter, will enjoy it

and spend as much time

outside, weather is freezing

but I need sunshine.

Grateful for the volunteer

work I do, even got a promotion.


Experience teaches you to

recognize a mistake when

you've made it again.



A life spent in making mistakes

is not only more honorable but

more useful than a life spent

doing no thing.

(George Bernard Shaw)


Have a good day.


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Grateful for Jackie-- the spirit she has for life and all the giving she gives back for others.

Grateful for my wife and daughter-- everything they do for me.

Grateful for my friends who show their true colors-- that they know what I’m going through, support me and do not forget about me even if I can’t always be with them.

Grateful for all the good news from our members--

certainly is an inspiration and gives us all hope.

Grateful for all the members on the board that do support me-- means a lot for sure.

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Grateful for the rain today, and the nice safe place to be during the rain. Grateful that the bank FINALLY wised up and released $$$ of mine they had 'put a hold on'. Geesh!

Grateful for my good old dog, who howls along with my daughter everytime she practices her clarinet. I will miss that is she ever quite playing.


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